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Suziria company group has been taking care of Ukrainian pets’ well-being for 28 years. Based on our own experience and expertise, we have successfully established our own powerful production of pet products. Our clients are very different - fluffy and winged, four-legged, scaly and exotic, but we know the tastes and preferences of everyone. That is why Ukrainian consumers are so fond of “Suziria” products, because every product is made of the best ingredients, created with high professionalism and contains a lot of our love.



Holistic food for cats and dogs

Holistic approach to nutrition is the result of interaction of physical and spiritual aspects in life of a person or their pet. We strongly believe that healthy, biologically appropriate food could be nutritious and tasty. The exclusive recipes of Savory foods were developed by professional Belgian and Czech nutritionists basing on the principle of balanced, healthy and tasty diet.

Savory advantages:

Palatability is our guarantee because the food is savory.

Immunity: each recipe gives triple protection with probiotics, prebiotics and minerals.

Freshness: Savory contains fresh meat and has superfoods as main ingredients.

Special One is complete food for birds and rodents. Our mission is  to provide pets with really tasty and at the same time healthy food. Biological needs and preferences of different kinds of pets were taken into deep consideration during the development of pets’ food rations.

The range of our recipes contains about 100 various ingredients. The amount of each ingredient in every product is perfectly balanced, taking into account nutrition. Each composition in every The amount of nutrition substances in every recipe is perfectly balanced taking into consideration special needs and peculiarities of digestion of pet's spice.


EcoVet products are the combination of innovation and naturalness. The basis of the products are exclusively natural oils - neem, geranium, clove and vanilla extract. Ingredients have an expressed repellent effect against fleas, lice, ticks, as well as mosquitoes, gnats and flies, which are carriers of dangerous diseases. The components of the product mask the unpleasant odor from animals, improve the condition of the skin and fur. In cases of skin irritation and microtrauma, the products promote faster healing and recovery of the epidermis.

The E.VEST  for 80% consists of recycled materials - polyester and nylon. These fabrics are made from recycled plastics – plastic bottles and fishing nets taken from the ocean. The usage of such materials allows to give the second life to waste that pollute the environment. We do more than just making clothing for pets. We strive to contribute to the solution of the global ecological problem.

Choose comfortable, warm and practical clothes for walking with your four-legged friend and make your personal contribution to solving the global problem of the world! The fabric is dense and durable, moisture- and cold-resistant and easy to clean.


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+380 (50) 301 63 73

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